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Sunday Afternoon

It’s Sunday afternoon and I thought we’d talk about a very common syndrome in the modern world. On Sunday afternoon, it’s been noticed that thousands of people have symptoms of sadness. This syndrome is called «Sunday Syndrome» or «Sunday Night Syndrome» or «Sunday Night Blues». The syndrome symptoms are apathy,...

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The triangular theory of love

Love is a result of intense attraction between two people and it’s been studied in psychology from defferent angles and views. Psychologist Robert Sternberg has developed a highly interesting theory for the elements that compose and form this feeling.The triangular theory of love. This theory sees love as a combination...

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12 positive effects of laughter

Laughter is a very rare phenomenon today. Studies done on the subject have shown that 40 years ago people used to laugh 3 times more than we do today.This result is quite amazing. If we take a typical sample of children we will see that children laugh on average 200...

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