The importance of Thought


Reality for every man is different. The angle that each one sees the reality around him has to do with each one’s thinking. What we get from people around us and what we truly are is in our thoughts. In short we are what we think. What we think about us, creates our «world», so if we change our thoughts we can change our world!

Instead of just complain and continue to think in the same way and to live based on experiences of the past, we should try to leave our old thoughts in order to create a different future. Thoughts are like a road. Either way you walk it, if you keep following the same path it will lead you to the same destination.

Thoughts are inextricably linked with emotions, if we remove the thoughts related to negative emotions, we will see very soon that we are filled with a constant power of joy. Negative thoughts feed our vital energy towards «bad» so gradually we feel that everything goes wrong and we finally manage to actually go all wrong in our lives.

A common negative thought is guilt for the things we have done in the past, mistakes and faults. Guilt makes us anxious, insecure and keeps us chained to a past that can not be changed, stopping us to live the present and our future. The positive would be to think that any mistakes we did sometime in our lives were the only thing we could do at that moment and maybe now in a similar situation we would do something different probably more appropriate. You should always do the best we can and have in the back of our mind that nobody is perfect. To love ourselves as it is. But to also change and improve without fear and stress.

Guilt, fear, displeasure have a big impact on people’s lives. More than anything else these feelings change your body and mind. A big in duration displeasure can cause serious diseases to the body, because suppressed emotions and negative thoughts that surround them affect body organs. For example, a repressed anger will affect the liver, lack of joy will affect the heart, the constant sadness and mourning will harm the lungs, strong insecurity will harm the bones, ulcers will occur from fear and arthritis if I’m a perfectionist and critic to myself and those around me. Think positive and forgive yourself and your fellow human beings. Do not hoard your soul negativity and anger because soon you will have a sick soul and an equally sick body. Not to forgive is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.

Some people are also unhappy because they believe that they need to be thinner, taller, richer, more attractive, more successful, or they feel that they have failed because they are not as others want them to be. They don’t appreciate themselves and their own needs and so they don’t realize that they suffer just because they don’t love and care for themselves. They overwhelm themselves with negative thoughts and emotions and they feel every day worse. But unfortunately they refuse to change their way of thinking believing that there is no meaning.

Each problem that exists in our lives exists in one or more of our thoughts. If until now we see that we can not solve the issues that concern us we should try another way. «Think positive» is not an instant situation but a different way of life. Tell yourself: «I now I take the responsibility now. I know there’s something I can do to change» and do it. Failure, fears, disappointments are in the schedule. But in the schedule is also success, joy, happiness. Free yourself from negativity and become everything you can become.

Don’t let a negative thought make you think that you have a bad life.

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