Sunday Afternoon


It’s Sunday afternoon and I thought we’d talk about a very common syndrome in the modern world. On Sunday afternoon, it’s been noticed that thousands of people have symptoms of sadness. This syndrome is called «Sunday Syndrome» or «Sunday Night Syndrome» or «Sunday Night Blues».

The syndrome symptoms are apathy, sorrow, fear of the emptiness of Sunday and fear for the start of a hectic and stressfull week. These people focus on the negative events that will come in the week, like hurry, proffessional demands and physical fatigue.These preventive thoughts cause negative emotions and lead the person at inaction, immobility and lack of motivation.

At first, Sunday is a day that (usually) we have more freedom and time for ourselves. So, while everything in the week are planned and we already know what to do, Sunday is free and must be planned flexibly so it creates the experience of joy and delight. Usually Sunday afternoon we estimate if our purposes and expectations for the weekend were fullfilled or not. If we don’t meet our expectations, we have a sense of failure that leads to a feeling of emtiness and sadness.

Another reason that Sunday afternoon causes sorrow to some people is the lack of work. For many people work is everything in their lives. They work long hours and through their work they cover feelings of sadness and loneliness that are present during the whole week, but come to light in the free time of Sunday.

Also weekends change our eating habits and hours of sleep.This makes us feel more fatigue and it’s associated with the existence of negative emotions.

A few suggestions to fight the syndrome:

  • Focus your mind on next week’s positives.
  • Motivate yourself to exercise (eg. walking or riding a bike).
  • Show leniency to yourself. If you didn’t have time to do an activity, you can just do it next weekend without «punishing» yourself for failure in planning.
  • Try to eat properly and sleep at least 8 hours a day ,so that your body can charge its batteries.
  • Live your everyday. Keep at least 1 hour a day just for yourself and for a hobby you enjoy.
  • Don’t fill the weekend with many activities.


The Key To Thought –

«Nothing is more important than the present moment»

Wolfgang Goethe

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