I love you so I don’t feel alone


Many look for love so they can get away from loneliness. When you love someone because you need to,you don’t love but you use the emotion of love in your advantage. Having a relationship with someone so he can accompany you somewhere, hang out with you or so you can have fun with him, is definitely a relationship doomed to fail. Like Erich Fromm said «Immature love says: «I love you because I need you.» Mature love says «I need you because I love you.»»

Only when I can pass true and unconditional love, share it with the other and interact with him, understand him, help him, forgive him, accept him for who he is, then I can say that I have a love relationship. When you truly love someone you love his freedom and his truth. You love who he is ,his pros and cons, because these cons are part of a whole that charm and won you.

Loneliness teaches us to live independent and to have confidence in ourselves. This is the deeper lesson that someone can take from himself and it helps him to have a complete personality development. Only when we are alone, we have the opportunity to learn and appreciate our abilities. We have time to learn to love and to have a friendly attitude towards ourselves. You can’t love somebody else if you neglect loving yourself.

When you feel alone or isolated, it’s time to pay attention to your soul and see yourself. Ιnteract with him and return to the feeling «of belonging» that you’ve probably lost. When restoring the inner consciousness of belonging, reconciliation with yourself is achieved, there is a new sense of compassion and the ability to forgive yourself. This personal relationship is very important, because man can’t be a healthy social being if he isn’t reconciled with himself.

True love for another person is not just fusion of substances, it is independent and transcendent because it is you love is something unknown to you. Loving, to admire, to respect your partner it is something indescribably beautiful and ideal. Ego kills true love, with the restrictions and obstacles it sets for personal development. Jealousy, envy, malice and competitiveness between the couple does not reflect in any way a healthy relationship and a true love.

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In the arithmetic of love, one plus one equals everything, and two minus one equals nothing.

Mignon McLaughlin

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