Fear of failure


The fear of failure is the fear of not achieving our goals and wishes. Fear of failure immobilizes and decreases the quality of our life. Fear has the power to restrict us, but it is in our hands, we have the ability to overcome it since basically we created it. Many people are afraid to act and make a decision about a problem. By avoiding the action many of our problems are increasing, our prosperity is reduced and our life seems to diminish without new experiences and challenges.

But the problem is not failure itself. Failure only shows us that the path we choose is wrong. So we just have to look for another path, for another option. The problem is what failure means for each of us and in which way we allow failure to interfere with our life. We are afraid to fail because we feel «weak». We believe that any success and any failure defines us as people. For example if I succeed, I’m an important person, but if I fail I’m a useless person and people around me could criticize me.

Success and failure are only the result of a behavior or a decision proper or improper, right or wrong. A person is more than his behaviors and decisions. Therefore, they can’t reflect his value as a human being.

The fear of failure is not directly related to the problem we are facing, its importance or difficulty. The fear of failure is determined by what we think about this situation, by ourselves and by how we can affect the outcome.

The best example is Thomas Edison who failed 10,000 times before making the carbon filament, which is used in light bulbs. A reporter asked him, if he was discouraged after the attempt 5000. Edison replied that he hadn’t failed 5000 times, but he had succeeded 5000 times to determine the ways that his structure did not work. «That means» he said, «that I am 5.000 feet closer to the discovery of how to work.» It is important to remember that great scientists of that time, wrote articles about Edison saying that what he did was a waste of time and a total failure. But Edison ignored all criticism and continued. He listened his inner voice, himself and not others. Can you imagine how the world would be if for some mistakes or bad reviews, all inventors and scientists left their work unfinished?

Failure is a substantial part of success. Every failure is an opportunity to learn and to improve.

The only people in this world who do not fail are those who do nothing.
The fear of failure can lead to a vicious circle:
The fear of failure paralyzes.
The paralysis leads to inaction.
Inaction conduces low self esteem and low self-esteem leads back to fear.

To be continued…

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