30 simple moments of happiness


Some of us look for the great happiness and often casually walk past the small moments of happiness in our daily lives. So these small moments of happiness in our life are so many and the only thing we have to do is to keep our eyes open and to also become aware of those happy moments in our life. If you feel that you are unlucky or you think you have a bad life , you can’t feel happiness. Because the biggest secret of happiness is to get along with yourself and with the life you have chose to live. Each one of us probably has personal moments of happiness. It may not always be something great and wonderful, but in the little things hide large doses of happiness. Below I give you some ideas – moments that can bring you closer to happiness. To me these little moments are the ingredient of an enjoyable life. For me they worked, I hope they work for you, too.

  1. Find a very good joke that will entertain you and those around you when you tell the story.
  2. Take a long walk. Doesn’t matter what weather it has, just feel the nature and feel a part of the natural world.
  3. Make a surprise to a person who means a lot to you or to someone from your family. You will feel very pleasant.
  4. Turn off your phone for a day. Also, the radio, the television, the computer, don’t have any flow of information from the outside of you world. Only for a day.
  5. Sing your favorite song, as loud as you can and want.
  6. Calm down for a quarter of an hour somewhere completely quiet, with only the sound of your breath. Enjoy the silence.
  7. Sit on a bench on a busy street and watch people pass by. Leave the flow of everyday life, take your time and just watch the people.
  8. Try at least for an hour to see your surroundings from the perspective of a child. Be curious and question everything around you.
  9. Give a loose day to yourself, without doing anything. Just become lazy for a day.
  10. Change the decoration of your home or just move the furniture.
  11. Wake up in the morning and watch the sunrise.
  12. Chat with someone much older than you. Let him tell you about the past. Listen carefully.
  13. Spend a day at home without electricity (besides the fridge of course).
  14. Buy to someone you think that he needs it something to eat, instead of giving him money. Put food and clean water for stray animals.
  15. Plant a tree and take care of this tree in order to grow. Give it a chance to become the tree of life.
  16. Cut out pictures from newspapers and magazines that make you happy and have a couple in your wallet or in places at home or at work.
  17. Lower rhythms. Walk slower, talk slower, don’t shout and don’t rush.
  18. Sign up for a training institute for example and learn something new that you like or find a new hobby.
  19. Apologize to someone who doesn’t expect it. (Obviously there should be a reason).
  20. Write on a piece of paper what, from all the things you do everyday, is that you like and that brings you joy and make sure you follow them.
  21. Write a letter to a loved one or send him a card (not e-mail).
  22. Learn a poem that you really like and make you feel things. If you can write one yourself.
  23. Walk into the woods or on a meadow or on the sand with bare feet. Feel earth and nature beneath your feet.
  24. Take a pen and a piece of paper and write down what you did today and you didn’t like it. Then take the paper and cross out these unpleasant chores and throw it away. Try as time goes on this list to get smaller untill it doesn’t have a reason to exist.
  25. Treat yourself to a nice meal or something else. Take care and spoil yourself.
  26. Stay at least half an hour with eyes closed and at rest on the floor of your house or wherever you feel comfortable.
  27. Hug your friends and loved ones when they least expect it.
  28. Read a book from your childhood.
  29. Plan a meeting with friends, play or eat together.
  30. Flirt and express what you feel freely.

These were my «moments» that help me feel happiness. Find what completes you, relax, smile, feel gratitude and get ready to enjoy your life. There is a secret rule in nature, showing how the three things that we have in our life: happiness – freedom – mental balance, we get everything after we give them to someone else. Especially happiness when divided, returns to us multiplied.

If there were in the world today any larger number of people who desired their own happiness more than they desired the unhappiness of others, we could have a paradise in a few years.

Bertrand Russell

The Key to Thought – www.tokleidi.com

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