12 positive effects of laughter


Laughter is a very rare phenomenon today. Studies done on the subject have shown that 40 years ago people used to laugh 3 times more than we do today.This result is quite amazing. If we take a typical sample of children we will see that children laugh on average 200 times a day while adults only 15.

As a small motive to laugh more, I give you a list with the 12 positive effects of laughter:

  1. Laughter reduces stress.
  2. Laughter makes us feel good.
  3. A person who smiles is more attractive.
  4. Our body releases endorphins when we laugh. Endorphins have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.
  5. Laughter empowers metabolism.
  6. Many studies have concluded that heart attack and depression are more rare in people who laugh more often.
  7. Laughter releases tension and fears.
  8. Frequent laughter strengthens the immune system.
  9. One minute of laughter equals in beneficial effect with 10 minutes jogging or 45 minutes meditating.
  10. Laughter increases oxygen in the brain,thereby increasing the ability to concentrate.
  11. Laughter relaxes and increases prosperity.
  12. Laughter creates familiarity with people around us and with ourselves.

Remember that a smile costs less than electricity and gives more light to our lives. Everytime we laugh with our heart and soul we add days to our lives.

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Happiness comes to those who laugh.
Chinese saying

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